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Michael Brody Comedy Hypnotist

Welcome to the Michael Brody Hypnosis Experience! This is your start to the amazing journey into hypnosis. From here you can find all about what hypnosis is, Michael's schedule of events, purchase school hypnosis seminars or even self help video. Hypnosis is an adventure into your imagination. All hypnosis is self hypnosis - it's what you decide. Come explore your mind!

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Take a look at my calendar to find out when I will be available and the events I already have booked. If you are interested in having a hypnosis show at your next event, fill out the "Request a Booking" form at the bottom of the page.


See these events in list form by clicking "More Shows" below or "EVENTS" in the navigation panel.

    Where can you find Michael Brody 

Youtube: Michael Brody Hypnotist

Facebook: Michael Brody present Mind sight Hypnosis

LiveCast: Michael Brody present mind sight hypnosis
mondays at 7pm (est)
on Youtube and facebook live

Tiktok: @norbertthehypnotist

available for parties, graduations and celebrations

Thanks! Message sent.

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